Installation of Granito tiles
Place on a levelled concrete slab using standard cement adhesive. Double bonding (apply on floor and back of the tile) to properly set the tiles.
Thin grout lines (1 to 2 mm) filled with liquid cement based grout. Leave a thicker gap for under-floor heating and outdoor installations (min 2mm).
With unicolour tiles, coloured grout in the same tone as the tiles may be used if an abrasive polishing is carried out at the end of the installation.

Abrasive polishing to level and enhance finish
Abrasive polishing of the surface with a fine grain disc is recommended after installation. This will level the tiles (if necessary), clean the installation, bring out tone consistency and shine to the floor. This process is similar to the abrasive polishing of marble, natural stone or terrazzo. It should be carried out by a marble or natural stone specialist. It should be followed by sealing with an impregnator. For more shine, the floor may be buffed with a buffing machine and wax.

Domestic floors: Sealing is necessary
A sealer is an impregnating liquid that fills the pores in the surface of the tile. It is usually applied once after laying and on a clean and dry floor. The sealer limits the absorption of liquids and grease, helping protect the tiles against stains.
Apply lightly with a brush or a wool roller, as the tiles saturate quickly. Once absorbed, remove any excess of sealer and even out the distribution with a cloth. Excess sealer left on the surface will dry and leave shiny or yellowy residues that can only be removed with a soft abrasion.

Heavy traffic floors: Crystallise and strengthen Granito
Crystallisation is a mechanical/chemical process that attaches fluorosilicates (of sodium or magnesium) to the crystals in the surface of limestone type floors, hardening and waterproofing surfaces. Marble, travertine, sedimentary stones, Terrazzo and Granito can all be crystallised, after the installation or at any time during the life of the floor, to restore and regain the original look.
A professional natural stone and marble care expert should carry out the crystallisation using a single disc machine, a stainless steel or bronze wool disc and fluorosilicate based products.
Crystalliser for houshold use
For domestic use, Mosaic offers a more practical and non-toxic crystalliser (without fluorosilicates). This product is best applied using a buffing machine with a steel or fibre disc. Contact a representative for further information.
Cleaning and daily maintenance
Mop with water and PH neutral soap. Natural PH neutral soap cleans and nourishes the Granito while protecting it. Do not use harsh cleaners or acidic and alkaline products that attack limestone based floors. Colourless wax for marble can be used as part of maintenance from time to time. It will help enhance colours, create a patina and protect the floor.

Cleaning with a buffing machine and fibre disc For cleaning and stripping a very dirty floor, use a large diameter floor polisher with a hard fibre disc (black or brown), water and PH neutral soap or mild non-acidic cleaners. Rinse thoroughly to remove the sludge generated by abrasion. Mosaic can provide a soft cleaning product for domestic use or a stronger cleaner that will help remove residues left after an installation. Buffing machines can generally be hired at local DIY retailers.